Buying Guide

Step 1 – Meet With Us 

  • Uncover your wants and needs and identify your priorities
  • Walk through the home buying process step by step
  • Help you understand the current market
  • Answer any questions you have about the entire process
  • Refer you to a preferred lender to start your home buying journey

Step 2 – Meet With a Preferred Lender 

  • Need a lender? We recommend Sonny at Cross Country Mortgage
  • Explain the importance of meeting with a lender FIRST so no energy is wasted looking at homes that are out of your financial comfort zone
  • Discover ways to meet as many of your needs as possible while dealing with the realities of the marketplace and/or specific financial constraints

Step 3 – Find Your Home 

  • Provide you with a custom automated notification of properties as they hit the market
  • Research homes in the area and sort through active listings to make suggestions after cross-referencing your needs
  • Personally open and show the homes you have identified
  • Provide professional and educated information about property values

Step 4 – Negotiate the Deal 

  • Handle the in’s and out’s of the negotiating process
  • Prepare the purchase contract and other mandatory forms and disclosures to make an offer
  • Prepare counter offers to complete the deal, if necessary

Step 5 – Escrow Process 

  • Offer oversight and follow up for any needed inspections
  • Refer you to trusted inspectors from our business referral network
  • Meet with inspectors and appraiser
  • Counsel you on how to handle any needed repairs
  • Advise and walk you through disclosure forms
  • Work together with the escrow company and your lender to provide important information to ensure a smooth process
  • Be present at the closing to ensure all your interests are protected

Step 6 – Home Delivery – WELCOME HOME!